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About the Friends

Founded in 1991, the Friends of Long Hunter State Park was the second non-profit organization created in the State of Tennessee to improve, protect, and preserve the character of Long Hunter State Park.

With an ever increasing need for safe recreational facilities, environmental, education, and open spaces; with limited state funding, and an expanding metropolitan area, the Friends of Long Hunter have provided support through financial contribution and member action.

As a patron of the park, you can see a turkey cross your path; watch white-tail deer seek food in the forest; admire endangered wildflowers; seek the shade of a towering oak tree; gaze at a stalking great blue heron; and enjoy a blazing sunset over J. Percy Priest Lake. By becoming a member of the Friends of Long Hunter, you will be preserving these experiences for the future.

The Friends of Long Hunter invite you to become a member.


President - Mike Panesi

Vice President - Fred Dickson

Treasurer - Anita Fischer

Secretary - Judy McPeak


The Friends of Long Hunter State Park support the following projects:

  • Monthly trail maintenance and clean-up workdays help to preserve the aesthetic beauty of the trails and lakeshores within the park while ensuring safe and easy access through backcountry areas.
  • Continuous efforts to enhance the native wildflower gardens at the park office including plant additions, updating signage and maintenance.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the numerous bluebird boxes and purple martin houses that help provide a nesting habitat for these colorful park inhabitants.
  • Fish attractor maintenance and habitat enhancement along the shores of Percy Priest and Couchville Lakes provide bountiful recreational experiences for anglers of all levels.
  • Consistent tending of Park's Arboretum provides healthy trees and enhances the aesthetics of the Park's primary thoroughfare. Seasonal watering and mulching ensure the health f these hardwoods for years to come.
  • Exotic plants threaten the native diversity of vegetation at the park. Removing these invaders provides a more aesthetically pleasing environment and contributes to the future health of fare and endangered park flora.
  • By sponsoring special events at the park, the Friends members provide much needed volunteer personnel and a fun, interactive social atmosphere.