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Long Hunter State Park offers a wide variety of trails and hiking opportunities. Here is a handy guide by naturalist/wilderness guide Jason Allen. Happy hiking!

Long Hunter State Park Maps

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Long Hunter State Park Map


Couchville Lake Arboretum Trail

2 Miles - Loop Paved Easy Wheelchair Accessible

This paved trail encircles 110-acre Couchville Lake. This is one of the most popular walks in the state park system due to its accessibility, lakeshore scenery, and abundant wildlife.

Reading Rangers Story Trail

0.3 Miles - Loop Dirt Easy

Hidden near the back of the Couchville/Area 2 parking lot, this unique trail is designed for families and combines the love of reading with outdoor exercise.

Bryant Grove Trail

4 Miles - One Way Dirt / Rock / Bridge Easy / Moderate

This flat, winding trail connects the Couchville Lake area to Bryant Grove Recreation Area as it follows the shore of Percy Priest Lake. The path visits several unique habitats, including rare limestone glades.

Deer Trail

1 Mile - Loop Dirt Easy

Located near the park office, the Deer Trail features a restored prairie which displays many native flowers and grasses.

Inland Trail

1 Mile - Loop Dirt Easy

Despite its short length, the Inland Trail features an impressive variety of trees, wildflowers, birds, and mammals. Many large, mature oak and hickory trees are found here; in fact, the Inland Trail boasts more variety of hickory trees than perhaps anywhere else in the park.

Upper Bluff & Shoreline Picnic Areas

0.2 miles - One Way Dirt Easy

This trail runs along the shore of Percy Priest Lake and connects Area 3 to Area 4. It features many scenic views from high atop the lake bluffs.

Day Loop

4.5 miles - Loop Dirt / Rock Moderate Pets on Leash

This wild, rocky trail winds its way through mature oak-hickory forest, abundant plants and wildlife, and several scenic bluff overlooks of Percy Priest Lake. The first part of the hike follows the Volunteer Trail, but then it breaks off to form its own loop.

Volunteer Trail

6 miles - One Way Dirt / Rock Moderate Pets on Leash

The longest trail at Long Hunter follows the shore of Percy Priest Lake for most of its run and leads to a pair of primitive backcountry camping sites.

Jones Mill Trail

4.5 Miles - Two Loop Trails Dirt / Rock Easy / Moderate Pets on Leash

Although created as a mountain bike trail, this path is also open to hikers - although bikers have first right-of-way. Surprising to many, the Jones Mill Trail is one of the best wildflower locations in the park.

Point Trail

0.1 Miles - One Way Dirt Easy Pets on Leash

This short path goes from the Bryant Grove parking lot to the rocky overlooks just past the picnic shelter. These days the "point" has become a popular spot for fishing.

Cedar Glade / Tyler Sykes Trail

1 Mile - Loop Trial Mostly Rock / Dirt Easy Pets on Leash

This trail circles Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural area, home to many rare, threatened and endangered plant species. Also known as the Couchville Cedar Glade Trail, this path leads visitors to desert-like areas known as cedar glades.

Group Camp Trails

0.3 Mile - Various Dirt / Gravel Easy Pets on Leash

This area of the park, located behind the main office, is closed to park visitors unless you are signed up as a group camper or participating in an official park program.

Sellars Farm Trail

1.5 Miles - Loop Trail Dirt Easy

Located near Lebanon, this trail leads visitors on a historic tour of Sellars Farm State Archaeological Area. Although not physically connected to Long Hunter State Park, this site is managed by the park.

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