Cedar Glade / Tyler Sykes Trail

Trail Stats

Distance: 1 Mile - Loop Trial
Trail Material: Mostly Rock / Dirt
Skill Level: Easy
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Pets: Yes - On Leash


This trail circles Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural area, home to many rare, threatened and endangered plant species. Also known as the Couchville Cedar Glade Trail, this path leads visitors to desert-like areas known as cedar glades.

The thin, gravelly soil found here is home to such treasured wildflower species as Leafy Prairie Clover, Tennessee Coneflower, Limestone Fameflower, Nodding Wild Onion, Glade Phacelia, and Gattinger's Lobelia. This area also features a wide variety of milkweed and sumac plants. Birds found here include Prairie Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat, Common Nighthawk, Northern Bobwhite, and Chuck-Will's-Widow. Other interesting flora and fauna include Reindeer Moss, Hairy Lipfern, Streamside Salamander, Glade Moss, Juniper Hairstreak butterfly, Adder's Tongue fern, and Nostoc (aka Witches' Butter).


Designed By: Gemini Production Group