Couchville Lake Arboretum Trail

Trail Stats

Distance: 2 Miles - Loop
Trail Material: Paved
Skill Level: Easy
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Pets: No


This paved trail encircles 110-acre Couchville Lake. This is one of the most popular walks in the state park system due to its accessibility, lakeshore scenery, and abundant wildlife.

White-tailed deer and Wild Turkey are common sights here, as are birds such as Great Blue Heron, Prothonotary Warbler, Hooded Merganser, and Osprey. Occasional/rare sightings include American Bald Eagle, Sandhill Crane, and Baltimore Oriole. The nearby ponds and sinkholes result in a wide variety of frogs and turtles. American Mink have been spotted along the shoreline. Unique wildflowers found along the trail include Mayapple, Mistflower, Green Dragon, and Passionflower. The path also features the Couchville Lake Arboretum, which in 2008 became the first state-certified arboretum in a Tennessee State Park. Forty-two species of trees are labeled and identified along the route.


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