Inland Trail

Trail Stats

Distance: 1 Mile - Loop
Trail Material: Dirt
Skill Level: Easy
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Pets: No


Despite its short length, the Inland Trail features an impressive variety of trees, wildflowers, birds, and mammals. Many large, mature oak and hickory trees are found here; in fact, the Inland Trail boasts more variety of hickory trees than perhaps anywhere else in the park.

Other trees include Pawpaw, Yellow Buckeye and Sassafras. Birds seen or heard here include Wood Thrush, Red-headed Woodpecker, Scarlet Tanager, Barred Owl, and Red-eyed Vireo. Keep an eye out for such wildflowers as Spring Beauty, Cutleaf Toothwort, Trillium, and Jack-in-the-Pulpit. Mushrooms are common here, too.


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