Jones Mill Trail

Trail Stats

Distance: 4.5 Miles - Two Loop Trails
Trail Material: Dirt / Rock
Skill Level: Easy / Moderate
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Pets: Yes - On Leash


Although created as a mountain bike trail, this path is also open to hikers - although bikers have first right-of-way. Surprising to many, the Jones Mill Trail is one of the best wildflower locations in the park.

The route meanders through several cedar glades and boasts impressive spring wildflowers such as Gattinger's Prairie Clover, Nashville Breadroot, Golden St. Johnswort, Glade Stonecrop, Lanceleaf Gumweed, Wild Bergamot, Glade Larkspur, and Wild Columbine. The path ascends Bald Knob, which is the highest overlook on Percy Priest Lake. Common Loons are occasionally seen from the bluff area. Be advised: there is an outer loop and a shorter, inner loop; if you hike only the outer loop to Bald Knob, the total distance is just over 3.5 miles.


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